Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

HeidelbergCement’s engagement in DRC started in 2010 with the acquisition of 55 % in CILU and 70 % in Interlacs. CILU is an integrated cement factory in Lukala, DRC, with head office in Kinshasa. The company has been a major supplier of cement in the country since their establishment in 1920.

Interlacs has operations in the Eastern part of the country, with an integrated factory in Kabimba. CILU has just below 400 employees and Interlacs has around 350 employees.


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Cimenterie de Lukala

Tel. +243 (0) 97 00 57 714

Boulevard du 30 juin
Building CCCI (3rd floor)
B.P. 7598- Kinshasa I
Kinshasa (Gombe)
Républic Démocratique du Congo


Tel. +243 (0) 81 95 00 421

4, Avenue Lumumba Quartier Kataki
Kalemie, Tanganyika
Républic Démocratique du Congo