Welcome to HeidelbergCement in Africa!

HeidelbergCement's history in Africa started in the mid 1960s. These first operations were run by Norcem and later by the company Scancem International, and the activities were expanded to several Sub-Saharan countries. In 1999 Scancem International became a part of HeidelbergCement. Today, HeidelbergCement is one of the leading cement companies in sub-Saharan Africa.


Cimbenin S.A operates a grinding plant in the city of Cotonou and is one of the main cement suppliers in the country.


Cimburkina S.A. operates a grinding plant outside the the capital city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.


CILU is an integrated cement factory in Lukala, DRC, with head office in Kinshasa. Interlacs has operations in the Eastern part of the country.


Ghacem Ltd. operates two grinding facilities, one in Tema and one in Takoradi. The head office is based at the plant in Tema.


Liberia Cement Corporation (Cemenco) operates one grinding plant in the capital Monrovia.

ACS plant in Mozambique.

Austral Cementos Sofala SA (ACS) operates a grinding plant near Beira in central Mozambique.

Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Cement Corp Ltd. (Leocem) operates one grinding plant in the capital Freetown.

Twiga cement plant

Tanzania Portland Cement Company Ltd. (TPCC) operates an integrated cement plant at Wazo Hill outside the main city of Dar Es Salaam.

Scantogo plant.

HeidelbergCement Togo consist of three companies: Cimtogo, Scantogo Mines and Granutogo.